When is the Best Time to Send Your Love to the USA?

Kyle Lee (Sang Jae Lee) Marketer of SodaGift

When do you usually give gifts? Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays - there are many occasions. The tradition of giving and receiving gifts can vary greatly from one culture to another. Beyond universally recognized gift-giving days like New Year's Day on January 1st and Christmas on December 25th, let me introduce you to other occasions for exchanging gifts in the USA.

March, April - Easter: Celebrating New Life and Hope

Easter, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is a significant Christian event that coincides with the beginning of spring. It's usually celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox on March 21st, making the date vary between March 22nd and April 25th each year. In the USA, families and friends go to church together, and children enjoy Easter egg hunts. Easter is a wonderful opportunity to convey gratitude to loved ones. Gifts like baskets, flowers, chocolates, eggs, and bunny-shaped candies are particularly popular. Eggs symbolize rebirth, and there's a tradition that bunnies bring these eggs.
Bunny-shaped candies and snacks, symbols of Easter
Easter eggs engraved with various patterns

May 12th - Mother's Day, June 16th - Father's Day: Gratitude for Endless Love

Mother's Day and Father's Day are among the occasions with the most gift-giving worldwide. Is any explanation needed for expressing love and gratitude on these days? In the USA, it's customary to gift flowers, including carnations, on Mother's Day. While gifting flowers is becoming more common on Father's Day, practical and personal gifts are still preferred. Remember, the best gift is spending quality time with your parents.
Popular Mother’s Day gift: Flowers
The epitome of practical gifts: eGift Cards

August - Back to School: Cheering for a New Start

The start of a new school term is also a great time for gifts. In the USA, students return to school at the end of the summer break, typically between late August and early September. The beginning of a new school year signifies an important change and a fresh start for students. It's a great opportunity to renew one's mindset with new school supplies, gadgets, and clothes.

October 31st - Halloween: Trick or Treat!

Halloween is celebrated beyond the USA, embracing a festive spirit of closeness. Light gifts are exchanged, enhancing the celebratory atmosphere. From Halloween-themed snacks like candies and chocolates to earnestly decorated homes, the USA enjoys exchanging Halloween decorations and costumes.
Halloween themed snacks. Source: Walmart
Halloween decorations. Source: Amazon Business

November - Thanksgiving: A Feast with Family and Friends

Thanksgiving in the USA focuses on gathering with family or friends for a meal to share gratitude. This occasion is perfect for expressing thanks and love through gifts. Hosting a meal with homemade pies, bread, and dishes is common, and guests often bring wine, bouquets, or kitchenware as a token of appreciation, strengthening relationships with loved ones.
Thanksgiving dishes prepared by the host. Source: Naples Daily News
Wine, a great gift for the host
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