Hana's Exploration: Venturing into the Uncharted

  "It's wonderful to navigate toward new horizons at every moment.”

Business Development Team - Hana

Q: Thank you for joining us for the first crew interview of 2024, Hana. I believe this is your first interview in the five years you've been with SodaCrew.
Could you please introduce your team and role?
I currently lead the new Business Development team at SodaGift, focusing on B2B services and managing corporate bulk orders. Since its launch in late 2022, we've seen a significant increase in corporate clients, a demand that wasn't fully addressed before. My move from the marketing team to this role was quick, driven by the need to offer tailored services to our expanding customer base. Our B2B services now extend across SodaGift's operating regions, including South Korea, North America, Australia, the UK, and Singapore.
Q: Transitioning from overseeing marketing to leading the Business Development team is quite a move. Could you share the process behind this job change?
Complete role shifts are quite rare at SodaCrew, and I might be one of the first.
Recognizing new business opportunities necessitated a frank and strategic dialogue with our CEO, Daniel. After extensive deliberation, we agreed on a path that promised mutual benefits, perfectly aligning with both my personal aspirations and the company's trajectory.
We both saw this as a mutually beneficial move, aligning with my personal growth and the company's direction.
This change was a leap into the unknown, yet exciting, as it promised growth and innovation. In the dynamic startup environment, quick decision-making is crucial. Once decided, I quickly embraced my new responsibilities, ready to learn and evolve.
Q: It must have been challenging starting in a new team on your own.
Starting the Business Development team was challenging, especially as I initially worked alone. I spent a lot of time diving into the complex needs of our B2B clients, who differ significantly from our traditional customers.
Their orders often involve detailed requirements, like employee retention or sales incentives demanding a deeper understanding. To tailor our services more effectively, I made it a point to personally interview each client after their orders. While I was working solo, the collaboration and input from other teams were invaluable. Now, a year into this journey, we've witnessed our B2B services expand by more than tenfold.
Sodagift B2B Webpage :
Q: Congratulations, Hana!  Achieving record-breaking B2B revenue for SodaGift must have made you busier than before.
Handling bulk orders often involves us placing them on behalf of our customers. Currently, I'm collaborating closely with the development team, to launch a specialized B2B platform. We're planning to integrate all the customer feedback and insights we've accumulated into this new platform.
We're constantly keeping an eye on the changing needs of B2B clients, particularly as we notice an increase in overseas-based corporations. These companies are ideal candidates for taking advantage of SodaGift's cross-border services.
Q: SodaCrew recently celebrated its 5th anniversary! It seems like a transformative five years, both within SodaCrew and personally.
Is there a particular aspect in which you feel you have changed the most? Whether in work style or personality.
Of course, it's been a challenge figuring out whether I adapted to SodaCrew's style or changed to fit in. Before this, I was in a bigger company with set ways of doing things. At SodaCrew, though, it's all about constantly shifting gears and thinking on your feet, which was a big change for someone who likes to plan everything. But, you know, the best growth happens when you're out of your comfort zone. SodaCrew really pushed me to find new, efficient ways to work and broaden my horizons.
Q: Looking ahead, what do you envision for SodaCrew?
Honestly, picturing where I'll be in five years is tricky, let alone forecasting the company's future. My main focus right now is to keep in sync with the team and do my part.
But one thing's for sure – the Business Development team is brimming with potential. It's like we're a startup within the startup. As we expand, I'm really looking forward to bringing in other crew members who are excited to join our journey!
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